Duct fan 315

Price: 434,29 lvn

Axial duct fan with easy installation and maintenance. It can be used both  ventilation for air exhaust and air supply. The fan is very quiet. Suitable for domestic use, offices, canteens, changing rooms, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, toilette rooms, fitness rooms, public toilets, classrooms and others. The body is made of polypropylene and the rotor of high quality plastic (ABS). Class: IP44.

Price per unit w/o VAT.

Max. airflow 1500/2000 m3/h
Speed 2150/2680 rpm
Voltage 230V
Sound pressure 65/70 dB
Frequency 50Hz
Weight 14.0 kg
Power 140/200W
Current 0.45/0.5 A
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